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Happy 21st birthday Lockless!


It's the last day of the year that marked our 20th birthday.
After so long it's very touching finding so many warmhearted messages left from old fans who visited the channel.
Hope you all are well, wherever you are. We love you all <3
See ya all irl or in #lockless next year.


Seven years since my last post, and meanwhile Lockless turned 17, what an amazing age...
Lockless lives on: hang on on Efnet and have a talk, you know where to find me.
We can bring new life to something great...



Ten years, time for a big change.
It's been great to reverse 0day and be part of the scene but we strongly believe in open source and therefore we want to support it.
That being so there will be a major split of our resources, currently planned as follows:

Lockless.com will be the headquarter for demo & art division, but it will always be devoted to the deepest technical aspects of reverse engineering, cryptography and the scene as well

Lockless.net will focus on networking and security, researching and developing on bleeding edge services and threats

Lockless.org will strive to bring our two cents to the open source community releasing code and free software

All of this coming soon to a browser near you..


We would like to thank jeenio, EviL, Breakneck, Dex, ps, Filami, zeroshift, xernobyl, garlick and all the nice people at Breeze for the great time we had.

Talking about scene, we want to support Janne Suni with his controversial against Timbaland / Nelly Furtado / Geffen records and try to help people open their eyes on nowadays music biz.

To know more watch:

We're the real artists. Scene will never die.


Lockless will attend the Breeze Demoparty 2007 in Lisbon (.pt).
More infos on http://breeze.untergrund.net


One year passed... What? No, we're not dead


Seven years ago a new reversing group named Lockless was born. After these 7 years the group is still alive, many people joined and parted during this time but our spirit always remains. Being in the scene today it's hard, we have to admit it. Not for the competition, which is of course the engine which makes the whole things work in a so exciting manner, but because the public attention focused too much on us all, raising risks.
The scene has been always meant to be kept strictly private, it was like a private game, it was OUR game. Nowadays the results of our challenge are visible worldwide, and if you think this is good you understood nothing about the scene. You wanna become popular? Get lost, this game is not for you then.
From our point of view that's been the ruin of the scene, luckily not lethal tho, not yet. We lost great people during time and many great groups which we don't need to name, but being still here today rather than a matter of bravery it's a matter of humbleness. We always did what we do for fun and personal knowledge, we don't need fame and we don't need to show anything to anyone. So, if you're part of the scene please keep such a great thing between us, or at least ask yourself: does your need of glory worths to compromise yours and other sceners' security?
A last word to all the owners of public dupechecks, torrent trackers, other p2p or nfo crap: please respect our will. You claim to be grateful for our work but what you do makes us every day more and more exposed, is this the way to appreciate what we do? If someday there wasn't a scene anymore your crummy websites wouldn't even got any reason to exist.

Thanks to anyone who contributed to make us what we are, to all the great people and friends who always supported us, to anyone who shared and (hope) still share this great experience with us: we love you all.

A special fuck to some ex-members who waste their time trying to badmouth us in all the ways. If you were allowed to speak just upon the knowledge you proved us there would only be silence...

/Team Lockless
"Reversing the scene since 98/09/09"
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